What is an ACL injury?

The most common cause of ankle pain is due to an ankle sprain. Sprained ankles occur when the foot exceeds its normal range of motion and as a result, the ligaments in the ankle joint stretch or tear. Ankle pain and sprains are very common, especially for athletes and anyone who is on their feet a majority of the day. Physical therapy helps to regain the range of motion lost after an ankle sprain along with strengthening the muscles, reducing pain, and ultimately helping patient return to normal activity and sport.

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What can cause an ankle injury?

The most common ankle sprain occurs to the lateral (outer) side of the ankle; however, medial (inner) side sprains can happen, as well. Many people suffer subsequent ankle sprains after their initial injury to the area. The chance of reinjuring the same area with a second or third ankle sprain can be reduced with the appropriate physical therapy after the initial incident.

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According to ACSM, 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day (9 million annually).

Ankle sprains account for almost half of all sports injuries.